Lindeman’s St George 2018


I am old enough, just, to remember the fuss about the 1980 St George. Another Jimmy Watson winner, it was hailed as the future of the Australian wine industry. This was the style to which all Aussie Cabs would aspire. Whoops. Yes, I managed to spend my hard-earned and picked up what bottles I could (most of them ended up in auctions). This was, unfortunately, during an ill-conceived period where winemakers thought our reds should be minimal alcohol, lean, even green. And few wines were greener than this one. Sadly, age only accentuated the issues. Imagine soaking green peas in a can of asparagus juice and you are getting close. Fortunately, that is long in the rear-view mirror. The 2018 is chalk as to cheese. 

100% Cabernet from the 16 hectare St George vineyard. Deep magenta, dry herbs, tobacco leaf, blackfruits, warm earth and the merest whiff of mint, so classic Coonawarra Cabernet characters. Juicy flavours lead to firm tannins and plenty of them. Bright acidity and impressive length round out what is a wine with a long and promising future.

Variety: Other, Specialty