Mitchell McNicol Riesling 2014


I have great respect for Mitchell’s history of producing classic, high quality, Clare Valley Riesling. As such, I expected this wine to be sound, balanced, and overall very good. Instead, it absolutely floored me. From the moment this vibrant, glowing yellow lime green/gold coloured Riesling hits my glass, I’m captivated. And it only gets better from there. A shot of energetic aromatics permeates the senses – buttered toast, honey, lime, jasmine, preserved lemon, and the faintest hint of kerosene in perfect check. There’s a nutty nuance, too, adding further savoury appeal. The palate holds the same punch, with a good lick of residual sugar bringing glow, breadth, and voluptuous texture before a bright acid backbone slices through it all keeping tautness and verve. A mature Riesling of vibrancy, concentration, texture, and complexity. Outrageous value at $50!