Mitchell McNicol Riesling 2014


Mitchell is one producer who not only talks up the age-ability of its wines, but then goes ahead and proves it. Here we see a 10-year-old Clare Valley Riesling fully formed and wonderfully aged. Scents of wild honey, jasmine and honeysuckle aromatics, lime, citrus and buttered toast with a touch of apricot pie. Developed Riesling aromas are just so darn enticing but, if possible, it gets even better! The key to this wine is the striking acidity which has carried it on its journey thus far and is still apparent and capable of bringing further ageing. It drives the astonishing length of this wine. Flavours are rich, layered and textured throughout, carried long and true. Additional dimension comes courtesy of a lemon curd creaminess. Super impressive and super delicious.