Penfolds FWT 585 Cabernet Merlot Petit Verdot 2019


Penfolds love an acronym, this one standing for French Wine Trial. The wine was made at Cambon la Pelouse with Penfolds winemaker Emma Wood regularly on the ground, in the vineyards and cellars, steering the ship admirably through the house style channels. The assembly here is 53% cabernet sauvignon, 34% merlot and 13% petit verdot, coming together with pure Bordeaux elan, all the dark fruits and kitchen herbs associated with the region and varieties: sage, bay leaf, purple florals like lavender and violets. There’s even some gingery spice to tease and entertain, as crumbled earth and minerals weave through the palate, classic stylistic tannins playing in the background before feathering outward in the finish. Intriguing and satisfying.