Picardy Pinot Noir 2018


WINNER of a Winepilot Trophy for the greatest value wines in Australia.

It has to be said up front: this is easily the best wine (red or white) produced at the estate, to date.  2018 was an exceptional vintage which is abundantly clear in this wine.  

Willowy fine flavour profile of black cherry, black pepper, hints of black olive tapenade, spices like star anise, cumin, sesame, red gravel, ironstone and something succulent – like raspberry.  The very light colour is a convincing red herring – if you assume this is going to lack intensity or concentration of flavour, well… you know what they say about assumptions.

The acidity is bright and pierces through the fruit, the fine seam of tannins brings everything else into sharp focus.  

This is slinky, structured and sexy. Massive yes.