Pikes Traditionale Clare Valley Riesling 2023


A super dry, superlative wine highlighting the intrinsic pristine purity of Clare Valley Riesling. It’s quite something to behold, and it should be noted that ‘23 is the third excellent Clare Riesling vintage in a row following 2022 and 2021. It shows in the intensity of the aromas in lime cordial, lemon, citrus zest, fresh cut green apple. Should you wish to drink early – and acid heads will be lining up – my suggestion is not to over chill. Acidity is high with the 2023 vintage marked by cool weather and a slow ripening season. It is, at times, a galvanising feature of this wine but then it’s also a good insurance policy as to its longevity. Something to keep in mind. So, with that in mind, open the wine, give it a swish, watch it transform and reveal its beauty. Pure, bright, intense and clean with a finish that won’t let you go.