Pindarie Montepulciano 2020


In recent years, a smattering of Monty’s (who is going to try and pronounce Montepulciano?) have appeared from Aussie wineries. Expect many more in the coming years, as this is a variety which seems to love local conditions. Originally Italian (but not responsible for the wines from Tuscany called Vino Nobile de Montepulciano, which is made from Sangiovese, because why make things simple?), it hails from the Abruzzo region and other southern vineyards, where it is known for big and bold wines with deep colours.

Pindarie have less than two acres planted (surely the success so far will encourage more plantings?). The colour is as advertised – dense, opaque purples. Big, ripe plummy notes on the nose, spices, warm earth, tobacco leaves, blackberries and some garden herbs. This is balanced, despite its size, with firm, even slightly chunky tannins and very good length providing at least six to eight years good drinking ahead. If you like big and bold, get on board. 92, but if a blockbuster red is your thing, crank up the score.