Taylors Limestone Coast Clare Valley Merlot 2020


The question here is, what do we expect from a $22 merlot? The answer has to be, fruit, fruit, fruit. Merlot is generally not shy when it comes to gorgeous, unbridled, arresting, aromatic fruits and spices: rose, violet, musk, raspberry, mulberry, plum, et. al.
Trouble is, winemakers sometimes try too hard to make a lot more of those features and often fail, filling merlot up with oak and playing with tannin and acidity to introduce more structure. Here, the less is more credo applies.

The maker lets the fruit have its way and it’s all the better for it. It’s super appealing in brilliant purple. Fresh as a button with aromas of mulberry, cherry, leafiness and florals to the fore. Smooth on the palate with plenty of ripe plummy-ness and generous spice throughout. Oak to the background. Not a heavy wine and gets the merlot weight just right.