Topé Clare Valley 100 Osmond and Dual Citizen Riesling 2023


I decided to write about Topé’s two Rieslings together because I honestly feel this is how they should be enjoyed. The Dual Citizen comes from the Clare sub-region of Hill River, while the 100 Osmond is grown a short distance away in Armagh. They both express themselves through pronounced fragrance, with overlaps – lemon, peach – but also distinctions. Dual Citizen shows chalk, orange blossom and jasmine flower, while 100 Osmond presents fresh honeysuckle, lime and apricot.

These fragrances set you up for glorious palates, which come alive with acid zing, chalky minerality, and silky textures. While the Dual Citizen has a salty, mouth-watering element to it, the 100 Osmond is a tad brighter and more elegant. You want to guzzle down the Dual Citizen while the 100 Osmond asks you to have a bit more patience. And the price? Get outta here. I was given an extra bottle of each and intend on cellaring them for at least another five to ten years, because I predict great things ahead for them still.