Whicher Ridge Une Rangée Petit Verdot 2016


Fun Wine Fact: Une Rangée refers to the fact that in 2016 Whicher Ridge had just one row of petit verdot. Today, it has two rows and a third is on the way! As you read this, the vineyard’s only row of shiraz is being grafted over to petit verdot.

I guess the grape’s fame is on the rise. The fact that this is the first time the wine has been bottled as a stand-alone wine indicates growing confidence. I think that confidence is well-placed. 

The grape, as we know, is blessed (or cursed) with high tannin which in this case is a possible reason for the wine being released as a five-year-old. It arrives formed in a tight mould of tannin but the generosity of black fruits, blueberry, plum and violet more than compensates. So, too, the degree of savouriness to be enjoyed in this wine. It is a strong-minded kind of red full of dark spice and fruit power, nicely structured too and should live a long life.

I haven’t tried too many single variety petit verdot reds from the Geographe region, but maybe this wine’s success will encourage more. Who knows?