Aristotelis ke Anthoula Sonnyboy 2023


Named after the triangle shaped frozen treat that so many school children would fondly remember. A blend of Vermentino and Zibbibo. The wine is awake with tinned peaches, mango cheeks and juiced pineapple. Papaya, jackfruit and preserved limes. There is a hint of spiced nutmeg, glace ginger and marzipan. The palate is a wash with natural and juicy acidity, a fleshy moderate body and fine, lacey skin tannins. Unlike a lot of Zibibbo wine styles that can jar the palate. The tannins compliment without contrasting the showy element of its fruit profile. Instead it’s animated with tropical fruit dreams from start to finish.  A real trip down memory lane filled with carefree days and endless fun. Joyous. Drink alone or with a good bakery sausage roll.