Bindi Block 5 Pinot Noir 2021


Another of Michael’s premium sites, the legendary Block 5 is half a hectare on a quartz riddled site. It is considered to give darker, more spicy fruit than the Original Vineyard. Winemaking sees the wine spend a little less than a year and a half in French oak, with around 35% new. Usually around the 150 to 200 cases in a good vintage. A maroon colour, there are again notes of truffles, dark berries and warm earth. There are also spicy touches, dried herbs and undergrowth hints. This is ‘take me now, Lord’ stuff. With firm yet still ever-so-fine tannins, the finish is seemingly never-ending, and good complexity throughout. The palate shows more spices and brambles with the intensity never wavering. A thrilling Pinot. Drink over the next Six to ten years.