Hesketh Jimi’s Ferment Sauvignon Blanc 2020


It’s a bit of a surprise sometimes that there are so many sauvignon blanc haters out there. It seems like cheap wines from Marlborough have given many the impression that sauvignon blanc is a one trick pony, good for drinking by the pool and not much else. They seem to forget that it is also responsible for some of France’s best, from Bordeaux and the Loire Valley.

Here’s a good example from the Adelaide Hills which shows that a little bit of effort in the winery can help sauvignon blanc to take on a creamy, food-friendly texture and to settle what can be quite pungent aromas. It’s pale in colour and shows some typical guava and citrus fruits, although in a more reserved and gently aromatic style than usual with some spicy oak in the background adding interest. It then takes you down a more savoury road with nutty elements and even a a touch of old fashioned continental delicatessen complexity over citrus fruits before a long and creamy finish supported by crisp acidity. It screams out for food, maybe scallops in a herb and butter sauce.