Howard Park Granite Ridge Great Southern Riesling 2021


You do sometimes wonder why Riesling doesn’t enjoy greater popularity than it does. This is not new. Believers like me have been talking, writing, waiting for the much-longed for Riesling Renaissance for years. We’re still waiting. In the meantime, we have delights like the new Granite Ridge Great Southern Riesling to keep us going. It’s new to bottle and quite discreet but, my, it’s already signalling a long and beautiful tasting experience, not to mention life in the cellar. Dusty, musty florals, lavender, citrus blossom, lemon, bath salts introduce the most beautiful fragrance. Taut and coiled on the palate but getting ready to reveal – you can feel it in the intensity of flavour – all of its citrus, appley energy. Texture is developing nicely, the acidity is brisk. A floral, lemony-citrus Riesling of some class, which is what we have come to expect from the Great Southern. Will become even more of a beauty with time in bottle.

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