Latta Tranquil Rosé 2019


Are you looking for a winter Rosé fix? A bit of serious Rosé action that is chilled but also savoury to match the season? Then look no further than what is a brilliant wine.

Lata is a new label for me. The byline is wine, natural wine, unfined, ulfiltered and un-tinkered. This Rosé is not natural but it absolutely has the thumbprint of low intervention. It’s hazy; there is an oxidative edge but it all fits together in what is a beautiful peach skin coloured package of Nebbiolo and Sangiovese.

The wine is gently aromatic and highly complex and Tranquil too. Earth, sour cherry, spice and floral aromas – all savoury and hearty. On the palate the Nebbiolo acidity shines through in an angular style that drives the savoury, almost feral fruit for a long, satisfying finish. Loved every drop and was a little sad when the wine was done.

Best Rosé in the country this year? Could be…… You can find it direct, and what is an extensive range from the winery here – the Sangiovese and Nebbiolo are also well worth a look.

Variety: Other, Specialty