Silkwood Estate The Bowers Sauvignon Blanc 2020


No secret that I am not a fan of sauvignon blanc. Not usually. Indeed, my only death threat came after I was feeling particularly uncharitable towards the grape, declaring any Savvy vineyard was better off as a car park and we’d be better off drinking shark repellent. Apparently, one reader decided that this was worthy of my immediate termination and sent me correspondence advising of this (it will come as a shocking surprise, but the correspondence was anonymous). As you have probably gathered, they have not, as yet, carried out said threat (and I wish them a lifetime drinking below average Savvy).

So you would not be surprised to hear I held out little hope of this exciting me. And yet, it did. No one is going to mistake this for the next Montrachet, but if you want a glass full of attractive, flavoursome wine, here you go. It has gone the tropical route (wisely, if you ask me). Mango, passionfruit, pineapple. A core of fruit sweetness, decent length and a soft finish. My score wavered between 89 and 90 but in the end, those lovely tropical notes gave it a 90.