Vickery Eden Valley Riesling 2022


Open a bottle, pour a glass and stand back. Prepare yourself for the aromatic scent that can hit you like a hammer. This vintage is chock full of everything we love about Eden Valley Riesling in spades. My notes started to look like a shopping list: talc, white flowers, bath salts, white pepper, Thai basil, green apple, green papaya and, finally, dusty lemon. I added preserved lemon and ginger to the list when I finally tore myself away from the perfume and tasted the wine. You might say it’s a complex, yes. Acidity is keen, a might sharper or at least more pronounced than its sister Riesling from Watervale and it’s sustained from go to whoa with good depth of concentration. Another ’22 riesling for the cellar – I suspect that cellar is about to get pretty crowded.