Genista Duck, Duck, Cat Grenache 2020


There’s a lovely story behind this cracker of a wine. In 2020, Genista not only crushed its first grenache, but adopted two Muscovy ducks and a tabby cat from the Barossa Wildlife Rescue (BWR), hence the wine’s name. And the story gets better because Genista’s owners – Lloyd and Sarah – will donate $3 from the sale of every bottle of Duck, Duck, Cat to the BWR. Reason enough to buy a bottle or two. And, I might add, it’s one smart wine, showcasing what we might call the new, improved Australian winemaking approach to grenache that propels fruit and spice forward rather than oak and alcohol.

At 14.5% alcohol, there is certainly noticeable alcohol warmth to this wine, but it’s all but swallowed up by the outpouring of this wine’s energy and vitality. A touch of grenache confection melds nicely with cherry-berry fruit, lively spice and chocolate aromas. The lively display of spice is a real highlight of this wine, with tastebuds gravitating to the baking spices and the lingering pepper that rolls across the tongue in league with black berries, chocolate. If this is what can be achieved in a challenging year – marked by low yields due to below average rainfall in winter and spring followed by heat and the odd 42-degree day – then the makers are on to something.