Juniper Margaret River Canvas Fiano 2023


How good is the Fiano grape? It can deliver across a range of climates, states and price points in Oz and, boy, doesn’t it just, love the Mediterranean climate in Margaret River! Canvas Fiano from Margaret River is chockful of energy to burn. Spiced apple, citrus, a splash of herbs, spice and ginger with quince and passionfruit pulp invade the senses.  There’s a nice exotic touch to the aroma. A subtle build-up across the palate, which is so Fiano, with spiced apple in the lead, supported by light tropicals with a touch of ginger and herbs. Texture is noted – good for food matching – with a warmth and nougat-like creaminess. Acidity is bright and fresh. There’s plenty to like and enjoy here.

Variety: Other, Specialty