Black & Ginger Rapunzel Riesling 2023


Chances are many would have tasted the wonderful Rieslings previously sourced by a number of makers off the wonderful, old vine Garden Gully Vineyard at Great Western. If you have, you know to get excited by this offering. If you haven’t, you are in for a treat. The vineyard consistently produces beautifully concentrated and intense Rieslings such as this with its solid, deep core of lime, lemon, green apple and lively florals that flow seamlessly from aroma to palate. It’s super dry allowing the fruit to speak with some force. Note there is also a seductive texture, too, so don’t overchill. The little one per-centers come into view on the palate, a touch of ginger, a hint of papaya and Thai basil in the background adding a flourish of the exotic. Like all the very best Rieslings, there is both a delicacy and a subtle power residing here. It’s going to last a long time, too.