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Parker First Growth Media Res

Parker Estate First Growth Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Polished and perfumed are the two key things that come to mind with this wine. A full bodied style but...

Vignerons Schmölzer & Brown Beechworth Series Syrah 2022

Lots going on here. Aromas of black cherry pie, kirsch, pomegranate, faint earth, clove, and nutmeg. Similar notes on a...

Vignerons Schmölzer & Brown Beechworth Series Pinot Noir 2022

A lovely melding of savoury and sweet aromas here. Damp earth, decaying red florals, sticky date pudding first off, with...

Vignerons Schmölzer & Brown Beechworth Series Chardonnay 2022

Lifted flint and gunsmoke straight out of the fridge, with air and temperature unlocking meyer lemon, cashew, and sweet jasmine....

Vignerons Schmölzer & Brown Beechworth Series Riesling 2022

Cue the limes! Finger lime, lime pith, makrut lime leaf and delicate white florals are underpinned by grated palm sugar....
Taltarni Pyrenees Estate Shiraz NV

Taltarni Old Vine Estate Shiraz 2020

From the original 1960s plantings, wines like this make you wonder why the Pyrenees isn’t more widely known as a...
Dynamic Shiraz Viognier

Taltarni Dynamic Shiraz Viognier 2022

Taltarni’s ‘Dynamic’ range is all about showing the style, taste and artistic expression of the winemakers. This fruit is from...
TAV Bottle Images

Taltarni Discovery Sangiovese 2021

Oh yes please! Aromas of strawberry sorbet, sour cherry, baked rhubarb and a blend of preserved flower petals with savoury...
Discovery Grenache Touriga

Taltarni Discovery Grenache Touriga 2022

This is a quirky little blend from Taltarni’s Discovery Range, created to allow the winemaker to play with some different,...
Discovery GSM

Taltarni Discovery Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre 2021

A classic little GSM from what deserves more recognition as a classic region. The ‘discovery’ here refers to the coming-of-age...

Vasse Felix Tom Cullity Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec 2019

78% Cabernet Sauvignon 22% Malbec. French oak Barrique 66% new, 34% 2-4 year old. Some wines are so elevating on...

Dellys The Redstone Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Dense, dark, earthy and warm. That’s the snapshot. There is, of course, more to explore. As Pyrenees Cabernet Sauvignon –...

Dellys Vineyard The Redstone Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Represents the warm 2018 vintage, considered a top year in the Pyrenees, extremely well. There is a liberal amount of...

Dellys Vineyard The Treetop Shiraz 2017

Deep garnet hues glisten in the glass. Complex savoury aroma notes to the fore, whetting the appetite, with game, turned...

Dellys Vineyard The Treetop Shiraz 2015

Former Blue Pyrenees Estate chief winemaker, Vincent Gere, works for Remy Martin as its Asia Pacific Director, but his thoughts...
Pinotage NV

O’Leary Walker Pinotage 2022

A South African speciality which we rarely see in Australia (at the very least, pick up a bottle for the...

O’Leary Walker Doctor’s Cut Riesling 2022

From a Clare vineyard in the Polish Hill River sub-region, owned by a couple of Adelaide heart surgeons, the guys...
Wynns V&ALane CabShiraz Coonawarra AUS FB SC

Wynns V&A Lane Cabernet Shiraz 2021

Many will recall the days of the Wynns Claret, long consigned to the dustbin of history, but still able to...
Wynns V&ALane Shir Coonawarra AUS FB SC

Wynns V&A Lane Shiraz 2021

V&A Lane is a well known road, long and straight (not as though there is much in Coonawarra to cause...
Wynns SVineyard Glengyle CabSauv Coonawarra AUS FB SC

Wynns Glengyle Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

Each year, the team at Wynns select a single vineyard from which to make a Cabernet. 2021 was a fine...
Wynns BlkLbl CabSauv Coonawarra AUS FB SC

Wynns Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

One of Australia’s favourite wines and deservedly so, especially in such a fine vintage. Cracking value, whether in comparison to...
Wynns BlkLbl Shz Coonawarra AUS FB SC

Wynns Black Label Old Vines Shiraz 2021

It was Shiraz which originally made the reputation of this famous region, even if today, Coonawarra is known for its...

Hewitson Barrel 1853 2020

This is a single barrel made by an equal blend of Monopole Shiraz and Old Garden Mourvèdre, assembled after each...

Hewitson Old Garden Mourvèdre 2020

This single vineyard planted in 1853 is almost certainly the world’s oldest planting of Mourvedre. It is just one hectare...