Brown Brothers Refreshingly Light Pinot Grigio 2020


Even when made as a deliberate low alcohol wine, it’s incredibly reassuring to see that pink-skinned grapes like pinot grigio get to retain their natural blush colour in the glass.

Some makers filter and fine away grigio/gris colour in the mistaken belief that drinkers don’t want to see it. They are also removing potential flavour. Here it is retained and it will be needed. As producers come to terms with the art of low alcohol winemaking – and it is an art – learning the little one percenters that will aid flavour is important.

Lovely expressive Victorian-sourced grigio aromas on display: dusty, earth, green apple, citrus aromas with honeysuckle. While still light in character it feels generous on the tongue with good depth of flavour.

That’s a win for low alcohol wines and for the grape variety. Looks like a winner, both sales and taste-wise.